The following are a few special memories and comments that have been shared with the foundation.

“We are honored to be included in the celebration of Dr. Grossman’s life. He positively impacted so many families and we feel especially blessed that he played a big part in Derek’s recovery.”
Paula T

“Dick was such a special and wonderful man and we were so priviledged to have had the opportunity to have worked with him His legacy will certainly live on through the children.”
Doug and Carol M

“I wish I could have known him longer and I treasure every moment that I did have with him. He was an extraordinary man and a very special friend.”
Bev and Ken Gilmore, Former CEO and President, West Hills Hospital

“The world has lost a wonderful man. He has lovingly touched so many lives. He certainly touched our family and we will be forever grateful for him.”
Joanne and Kenneth P 1997 Burn Survivor

“Dr. Grossman was truly a gift to the world. He leaves a legacy to all that he has touched.”

“Our son, Sean, was a patient in 2005. We will be forever grateful for the treatment he received. He touched so many lives in a profound way.”
Kathy S

“Through my work at the Children’s Burn Foundation, I met him many times, and just feel so strongly about the contribution he made to the health and well being of so many. He was a pioneer, and when I looked into the faces of some of those children he helped, my heart just broke to see the tremendous and love and gratitude in their eyes. A man of the world, a man of the people, a creative force for all time.”
Ann T

“My memories of working with Dr. Grossman are treasured. It was an honor.”
Susan Jones
Western Medical Center
Operating Room

“The work of Richard changed the world. His remarkable and meaningful life challenges all of us to as committed and dedicated to the well-being of others who suffer. What a legacy for others to follow.”
Suzy and Clint C

“I truly loved Dr. Grossman as a dear friend. He made it possible for me to walk again.”
Evelyn M

“Dr. G was an incredible blessing in our lives and our daughter Jerica’s life. She is always adored him and he holds a special place in her heart as well as ours. He showed so much care and love to so many.”
The R Family

“I remember bringing all our pre-school families to your home and how gracious Dr. Grossman was with all the children. It was truly a beautiful day!”
Brenda Hunter, Former Director for Conejo Valley Neighborhood for Learning – First Five California

“What a fine man he was. He brought a lot to the world during his life, eased a lot of pain and healed a lot of people. A sobering and truly uplifting inspiration…. Also a very handsome and charming son of a gun!”
Mary M and Jesse C

“He is a hero to us and to all who knew him. He made us feel comfortable and reassured during a tough time in our lives in a way we will never forget. My three children cherish the memories of his taking them on the golf art, picking fruit, feeding the horses, fishing and getting on the zip line. He is a true miracle worker who has left a legacy that will live forever. He seemed invincible to us.”
Kathleen and Michael O

“I love when he would call and invite Greg for dinner and recite the menu “I’m making lamb chops, baked potatoes and asparagus.” When I told Greg how impressed I was with Dick’s cooking skills, he laughed and told me if it was up to Dr. Grossman, they would be eating popcorn.”

“Dr. Richard was a great mentor to me during my tenure as Fire Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. We came very close over the years. He was a dear man, a brilliant doctor and a great American.”
Bill and Liz B

“His family, circle of friends, patients, colleagues, support team, those he mentored, and those he inspired across the world and close to home, will forever be transformed by his humanity, gifted hands, visionary example, extraordinary accomplishments and profound sense of purpose. The world is a far better place thanks to Dr. A. Richard Grossman.”
T Family

“Please know he will never be forgotten by our family. I owe my life to him.”
Adrienne A

“Dr. Grossman was a gift to Pepperdine University. He influenced many, many aspiring physicians here through his classroom presentations and small group luncheons. We are grateful and will miss him greatly.”
Sara Y

“Doc was a cool dude!”
C Family

“I want to have been a good dad and husband. I want to have given back, leave the world a better place for being there and I also want to know that I had fun, lived a full life. In other words, I want to be just like Doc!”
John N

“Dr. Richard Grossman….what a truly amazing man he was. I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of his warm generosity. The way he greeted every SEAL and shook their hand and thanked them for their service at the event you hosted. I will never forger the smile on his face that New Year’s morning as he drove Lily on her float around the Lanikai Loop.”
Wendy & Brian B


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